YHF 20th Anniversary Tour


Stage, LED

Wilco asked us to create an array of custom, addressable lighting for the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 20th anniversary tour.

The design process took us back to 2001 and our love of the simple elegance of Wilco’s seminal album. The lightforms we designed echoed the iconic Marina City Towers pictured on the album’s cover.

Comprised of over a hundred hanging fins, the lights were arranged like scalloped balconies. Each fin contained many addressable pixels which gave them a wide range of function. The fins could light up with continuous color, undulate a gradient, or display a mapped video across the stage.

Integrated with the show’s other lighting, the light towers created a proscenium-like backdrop that framed the band. The dynamic colors and classic design paid homage to the timeless quality of Wilco's music.