Seismique Houston


Experiential, Interactive, LED, Mechanical

Seismique is a technology-fueled art experience in Houston, Texas.

Our team oversaw the technical direction of this entire 40,000 sq foot space, and was instrumental in the design and implementation of multiple exhibits. A few of the designs in which we took creative lead are described below.

Color Cathedral

For this long-standing installation we created an endless landscape of colored lights that react to touch.

Accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack, this garden of colored spheres transforms the mirrored room into a 360 degree immersive experience that extends as far as the eye can see. Visitors feel as though they’ve stepped into a new world— one that they can alter with a touch of their finger.


Full of angular magic, this helical array of LED panels comprises a stunningly unique canvas.

The viewer can walk through what seems to be an endless display of color. This installation contains hundreds of thousands of LEDs forming intense geometric patterns

Mission Control

This wall of light & sound is full of hidden speakers, capacitive touch sensors, and thousands of LEDs that allow multiple players to engage in a futuristic game. The sheer size of the installation makes it easy for visitors to lose themselves in the colored patterns and sounds.


Using computer vision & an array of infinity mirrors, this room invites viewers to control lights and music with their faces. 8 participants can play at once, becoming an orchestra of faces that creates a dazzling light show & a funky sound track that leaves plenty of room for dancing!

Color Portal

This complex series of hallways serves as the connecting tissue for many different rooms in Seismique. Comprised of alternating polished & unpolished mirrors interlaced with mapped LEDs, it prepares visitors for the journey on which they are about to embark.