Halftime Show

Redhook Regatta

Interactive, Mechanical, Public Art, Wireless

The Red Hook Regatta is the world’s premier (and only) 3D-printed radio-controlled boat race. This year they asked us to help create a halftime show that would bring the audience together to share a moment like only halftime shows can.

We knew that with so many incredible homemade boats around, the only way to shock-and-awe the audience was to build a really, really big boat! We built a 6 foot radio-controlled fiberglass aircraft carrier, complete with control tower, runway, and streaming video capability. The unlikely frigate was fitted with a 4” steel keel & a bass trolling motor & could carry a full-grown human at a healthy clip.

We launched & sailed the boat out into the beautiful Buttermilk Channel… and—just when the audience thought they had reached the pinnacle of delight—a mystery drone appeared from down the pier & performed the first ever (to our knowledge) drone-to-RC-aircraft carrier landing!